Protect our Game

Gold Coast Knights Football Club would like to remind all participants the condemning of poor behavior toward players, coaches, referees, volunteers and spectators within our game.

Any form of misbehavior will not be tolerated which includes but is not limited to:

  • Using offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures.
  • Failing to abide by or comply with the direction of a match official/
  • Threatening to use physical violence towards a match official, player,  team/club official or spectators.
  • Using discriminatory, homophobic, racist, religious, ethnic, or sexist language and/ or gestures towards a Match Official, player, team/club    official or spectator.
  • Disputing a decision of a Match Official or dissent.
  • Damaging or stealing property.

As we reach the second half of another exciting season we want our members to continue to show positive support which encourages our teams’ success.

We have a clear message, Protect Our Game. As a club we will continue to support the importance of respect on and off the field, and take action against any misbehaviors.

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